Insturment cluster switch questions

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At 10:34 PM -0500 2/8/03, BriceW at wrote:

>2. The other switch is to the right of the brown one.It is black with 3
>white buttons
>and is marked CK. There is an arrow on this switch pointing up for ON.
>All there of my white slider buttons are down for off.
>On the other side of this switch on the white plastic is marked -5.10
>and under that is a % sign and under that is +0.0.
>What does this switch do?
That one sounds like the adjustment (+/- 15%) for the fuel-consumption
factor that is used to determine the computed MPG value. I have a write-up
on Chris Millers web site, which explains how to use that (if you know the
approximate magnitude of your computer's MPG error.)


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