Air Bag light 10 seconds????

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Sun Feb 9 02:14:59 EST 2003

  Thanks for the Insight.
Good Night to all

--- Linus Toy <linust at> wrote:
> The post-recall airbag controller is much more sensitive to a
> number of
> fault conditions, and can (and does) store faults in
> non-volatile
> memory.  The fault-code can be cleared by anyone with a 1551
> or equivalent
> tool, including Ross-Tech's VAG-COM.  The diagnostic
> connectors for the
> airbag controller should be in the center console behind the
> left side
> panel--if you sit in the driver's seat, go directly right of
> your
> knee--I've also heard reports of them being behind the right
> side panel, by
> the airbag circuit connector.
> Disconnecting the power will NOT clear this fault, and in
> fact,
> jump-starting a flat battery is one potential cause of a fault
> (the system
> needs a minimum voltage to operate).  Other reported
> situations that
> trigger a fault code include turning on the ignition without
> the airbag
> attached (i.e. "testing" your instrument panel repair work by
> turning on
> the ignition with the steering wheel off or the connector in
> the center
> console disconnected, enabling the Check Engine light where it
> had been
> removed by swapping in the warning light for the airbag and
> incorrect
> resistance in the spiral spring.  According to one report,
> tolerance for
> the spiral spring resistance can be changed by recoding the
> controller;
> unfortunately, this is not documented in the Bentley (but may
> be available
> in a later car's manual).
> --Linus

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