Subject: interior rear door handle question

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Sun Feb 9 19:57:51 EST 2003

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Pull the ash tray and check for two screws back there; there is one screw at
the top of the door in the jam, and one in the top above the lock.  Then
there are the plastic clips down along the bottom of the door.
Unplug the light to the ashtray as the panel comes off, and don't tear the
plastic sheeting.

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> Subject: interior rear door handle question
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> i need to replace the regulator in the rear door of my avant.  had no
> trouble taking off the front door panels to fix the door lock problems
> but i can't seem to get the rear off.  have already taken out the
> phillips screw inside the handle under the lever itself but am stuck
> there...arm rest off already; trim screws out; plastic clips unpopped;
> panel still stuck at the handle which won't come this a sign
> of early dementia?  what am i missing [w/ regard to the car, that is ;) ]?
> =====
> cheers
> jim catterson

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