Fuel Pump replacement?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 10 00:06:56 EST 2003

That might have been me you were referring to.  My
pump wined constantly, not just during startup, since
almost a year ago.  ' glad to have replaced it last
week.  Phil's relief after replacing his (see writeup
on Chris' web site) suggests he had a similar problem.

FWIW, I'm still researching a better combination of
parts than what I was supplied by Carlsen last Spring.
 The pump and spring pin that they sent me were
definitely not meant for each other, and I'm slowly
finding out why, but there are still a few loose ends.
 I'll let the list know soon.

Meanwhile, if anyone is planning to buy a fuel pump
and related parts soon, ask for advice first.

Ukiah, CA

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Fri, 07 Feb 2003 12:29:43 -0800

... if that's your only problem (noise), I wouldn't
worry about it.  My fuel pump has been making noise on
startup for the last year and a half plus, the car
continues to start, and noise subsides within the
first 5-10 seconds of operation.

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