91 200 Avant clutch pedal

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I'm with Peter on this one.  If the clutch return springs are fatigued, you
will never get the proper return force, regardless of clutch slave and master
R&R.  That said however, if there are no other symptoms present to indicate
such (130k on a 12year old clutch being one of them - the low pedal pickup
being the other), you can do the sneak and pray method, which is to replace
both the slave and master with new, the least that happens is that you have
replaced them already when you do the clutch.   Remember, clutches hold
better right up until they start slipping, since less lining means
more/faster friction between PP/clutch/FW.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
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My Indigo Mica Avant had high clutch pedal effort- turned out to be due to
stiff fingers on the pressure plate and worn clutch internals.
that high effort may have contributed to the pedal breakage - the previous
owner may never have addressed the real root cause of the stiff clutch.



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