91 200 Avant clutch pedal

Steven Hauptmann hauptmanns at MAIL.LLR.STATE.SC.US
Mon Feb 10 14:38:21 EST 2003

I also agree with Peter.

I did my 200 20v clutch "while I was in there" replacing the worn out
release bearing a couple of years ago, despite having zero slippage or high
pedal effort. I remember the clutch looking fine and feeling a bit sick at
the extra expense I elected to incur. However upon my first test drive after
the job, I noticed the clutch pedal effort was MUCH easier ( "butter
smooth"). Apparently the clutch was more worn than I thought, even after a
visual inspection.

On another vehicle.  My brother had 2 clutch pedal assemblies crack on an
1986 GTI before the worn clutch was replaced and the high pedal effort
vanished.  Apparently this is common theme with those cars.
And I replaced the original clutch on my 1987 GTI at 208,000(I am the
original owner), not because it was slipping, but because pedal effort was
VERY high. Turns out the clutch disc was worn down into the rivets, but
still never slipped. Of course my point is that pedal effort was very nice
and easy after the clutch replacement.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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Question for the BTDT on this car.  Symptom is certainly similar to, but not
exactly like alot of my other Q's.
130K, Pedal effort is on the high side, clutch catches at the bottom and
pedal does not come all the way back up, by about an inch.  (clutch pedal
was replaced after breaking a few years back) Clutch master and slave have
been done by P.O. and I have bled the system to no avail. IME, when both
cylinders are done action is usually butter smooth.  Clutch engagement seems
very positive, ie., no slipping.  Ideas?

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