swap out seats in my '91 100 w/ those from '91 200

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Tue Feb 11 21:15:18 EST 2003

Swapping electric seats into a car which originally had
manual seats or vice versa requires some welding of the
floorpan to install new seat tracks (they use a completely
different system, manual and electric).


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Subject: swap out seats in my '91 100 w/ those from '91 200

Does anyone know if this would be possible?  Swap out the dilapidated
tan/beige fabric front seats (driver's seat actually) of my '91 100
quattro with seats from other "big body" 88-91audi.  Mine is heated but
manually adjusted, can a heated and electrically adjusted version from a
'91 200 be swapped in?  An attempt at re-stuffing the driver's seat did
not work as well as I had hoped.  It was done by a local auto interiors
guy for $200.

I have been wondering if the mounts are the same? If the electrical
connections are the same?

Or, has anyone had success with a Recaro replacement?


gordy schesel, saint paul mn
'91 200 20v tq avant, 103k miles
'91 100 quattro sedan, 190k miles

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