Starter woes AGAIN

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed Feb 12 17:52:54 EST 2003

it seem unlikey that both starters are bad.  I would say that you have a
battery drain somewhere but you said it checked out?  Sounds like something
is draining the battery and when charged it starts OK.  I had a bad relay in
my Euro Headlights that were bridging the lights on during the night and
draining the battery. Neighbor noticed it, talk about hard to track down.
Now I'd guess relay or ignition switch.  You can get a remote starter switch
to make sure it is/not the starter.  Awful handy/cheap to have for other
uses as well.

3 ideas:
1. Ignition/Starter Key switch
2. Some relay gone bad -
QUESTION:  IS there some relay or other area to inspect?
3. New (used) starter has flat/dead spot on contacts.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
-Scott in BOSTON

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