Solid Turbo Hoses?

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Wed Feb 12 20:23:40 EST 2003

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Hello Listers:

Has anyone ever tried building a solid turbo hose set up and joined the units
with silicone couplers, or the like?  It appears that given the "relatively"
straight nature of the Audi 3B turbo-to-intercooler and intercooler-to-engine
hoses, that a solid peice could be utilized to lessen the likelihood of
rupture under high boost applications.  I suppose metal pipe or even
irrigation piping would be sufficient for these turbo pressures and the
silicone couplers found at places like this:[1]
could be a viable joining option.  I realize that the movement of the engine
requires there be bends, but there are "hump" hoses which appear to do just
that--allow for movement.  Moreover, I suppose if it was priced out, it would
cost less than half that of a Samco set up.  Granted, the Samco set up is
really nice--but it requires weeks in advance to get and really is expensive.
Whereas, by building a solid set up with silicone joints I suppose it would be
even stronger because there is only the concern of the joints splitting and
not the entire hose assembly splitting like could happen on Samcos (though not
likely because they're super tough).

I have some hoses that appear to want to give at any moment and was just
shopping around ideas.  Do you all think this is a viable option?  Even adding
a T for a bottom solid hose would be easily accomplished to provide for the
Bypass valve via irrigation tubing or a welded joint.  Has anyone done this
with success?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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