2003 Steamboat video and pics

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Wed Feb 12 16:22:12 EST 2003

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Ok boys, lot's of requests again this year, here's the scoop.  After spending
too many hours accomodating individual demand for pics and vid/audio last
year, I've hopefully added a better offer to the mix this year.  I took and
combined all the video footage from both Ingo's camera and mine, as well as
the 4 digital still camera's that were at Steamboat 2003 this year.  From
this mix of "amateur" video/pics, I worked with Pinnacle Studio 8.1 to pare
it down to the best of what we had.  As the demand for the "documentation"
was at a fever pitch last year, we upped the ante for 2003 with great results
(and increased costs).  There's gonna be no profit in this, since whatever
money comes in will get reinvested for a better 2004 documentary....  For
full details of this year's DVD, go to:

<A HREF="http://www.hometown.aol.com/qshipq/GRUPPEQ.html">http://www.hometown.aol.com/qshipq/GRUPPEQ.html</A>

Rally on!

Scott "Justy" Justusson
1983 urq

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