2003 Steamboat video and pics

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Wed Feb 12 16:55:56 EST 2003

But where's the event summary???

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> Ok boys, lot's of requests again this year, here's the scoop.  After
> too many hours accomodating individual demand for pics and vid/audio last
> year, I've hopefully added a better offer to the mix this year.  I took
> combined all the video footage from both Ingo's camera and mine, as well
> the 4 digital still camera's that were at Steamboat 2003 this year.  From
> this mix of "amateur" video/pics, I worked with Pinnacle Studio 8.1 to
> it down to the best of what we had.  As the demand for the "documentation"
> was at a fever pitch last year, we upped the ante for 2003 with great
> (and increased costs).  There's gonna be no profit in this, since whatever
> money comes in will get reinvested for a better 2004 documentary....  For
> full details of this year's DVD, go to:
> <A
> Rally on!
> Scott "Justy" Justusson
> 1983 urq

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