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SORRY LIST--PLEASE DISREGARD--I Accidently responded to the message I was
intending to forward to some friends who are A4 2.8 owners...MY FAULT!

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Subject: Fwd: dangerous frozen throttle problem
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 03:42:35 +0000
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This is crazy...and if it applies to you 2.8 drivers, you may want to spread
the word (ie, Amy). However it appears to only happen in cold weather, which
may not be much of an issue in our climate. Nonetheless important.
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Subject: dangerous frozen throttle problem
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 21:55:09 -0500
Listers- many of us in cold climates need your help. My wifes 2.8 A6 has
a recurring throttle problem. In cold weather the throttle freezes and
the only way to stop the car is to put it in neutral and turn off the
key while the engine redlines. It has happened to us twice- once in very
heavy expressway traffic and once while a school bus was stopping ahead.
At first the authorized dealer tried tell me over the phone that it was
a floor mat problem. The dealer cleaned the throttle body after the
first time it happened. Within a couple of days my wife had the problem
again with the school bus incident. Then they checked to see if the heat
transfer paste between the coolant lines and throttle body was in tact.
Yes it was. The problem is not uncommon-the tech at the local dealer
admitted to me that 2 other cars came in with the same problem on that
day. Also an independent audi/vw/porsche garage owner in the adirondacks
has seen many cases this winter. The problem is that audi is taking the
same head in the sand attitude that they did with bose amplified
speakers. The dealer tech who worked on my car said that so far audi
does not want to talk to their own techs about the problem except to
have them fill out a questionaire. They do not have a way to fix this
problem yet. So if you get yours "repaired" be ready to hit neutral and
turn off the key. The engine heat rethaws it in about 15 minutes of
sitting. If you have had this problem please call audi customer
relations and bitch (1-800-822-2834). I have the number memorized now.
Also try to spread the word around to anyone you know with the 97-99
2.8 engine- early 12v and the AJ engine. It can happen in the A4 or A6
or Passat with those engines. I am not a trouble maker with an axe to
grind. I've been a vw/audi fan since my first 57 kharman gia and have
put on about 500k on audis in the last 9 years. I have accepted and
worked around many annoying problems like the headlights on the 200 that
went nowhere- I just put on euro headlights. This is a different kind
of problem- it's life threatening and nobody has a work around yet.
The good news from this situation is that eveyone in my family is
loving the opportunity to enjoy a real winter with our real audi -the
91 20v 200 turbo : 202k, chip, 3" scorpion exhaust, euro head lights and
4 new hakka 1's, still strong as a bear. I forgot, soon to have new
amplified rear speakers after 11 years!
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