How do I get ETKA to print?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at
Fri Feb 14 01:07:27 EST 2003

Does anyone know how to get ETKA to print?
It printed OK for me a few years ago on the
PC where I worked (OS was probably Win-98)
but I can't get it to print now on my
laptop running Win-2000.

When I select the print icon in ETKA and
then any option on the "Print Selection"
window, I get a window in the upper left
that says:

  FPI 3.40a druckt                         |_|| ||X|

Default-Drucker.hp deskjet 930c series an
Date: C:\EPC_ROOT\SLAVEA\tmp.fpi
Beim Drucken...
Druckerauswahl und Initialisierung des Druckers!
                   ____________________    _______
Seite: 1          |Stop nach Seitenende|  |Abbruch|
                   --------------------    -------

This is immediately covered over (mostly)
by the normal "Print" window where I could
select the printer, change its current
settings, etc.  Whether I select "Print" or
"Cancel" I get an error window that says:

Error Window

  Segmentation violation                  |    OK   |


                                          |  Abort  |

When I repeat this process a second time
without closing ETKA, I get the same first
window but instead of the immediate "Print"
window I get a small window that says:

  FPI                        |X|

 (X)   FPI ist noch am Drucken!

       |      OK      |

When I OK this I get another even smaller
window that says:


 (i)  FEHLER 4

  |   OK   |

Does anyone know what these mean and how
to get it to print?


Ukiah, CA

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