91 200q vs. 95 S6

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 14 13:50:57 EST 2003

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Aside from the body and interior gadgetry, are there many major differences
between these two cars?  Is it the same engine under the hood?

I can only speak to the avants, 95 S6 vs 91 TQA.  Styling wise, the S6
definately gets my vote.  I think it is the best looking wagon ever, make
mine red, followed closely by the new Mercedes 300 series and the Audi
5000/200 series.  Internals, again tough to find fault with the S6, love the
seats.  First on my upgrade list for the TQA was to get some sport seats,
but after a cross country in the comforts, I think I'll keep them.  Highway,
I'll take either car, actually I'll take the  200, 10% better mileage and a
bit more room.  Around town, the S seemed smaller/ tighter more manuverable.
Why do I now have a 91 vs the S6?  Cost. I bought my 91 for <1/3 of the sale
price of the S6, same miles, but the 91 was/is a bit "well used".  But in
2/3 years I'll get my money back on the 91 where the S value will have been
cut in 1/2 and repair costs would have been the same and operating
cost/insurance much less on the 91.

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