91 200q 20v vs. 95 S6

Gordy_Schesel at allianzlife.com Gordy_Schesel at allianzlife.com
Fri Feb 14 10:40:54 EST 2003

As a long time Audi owner and enthusiast, but never an S-car owner, last
year I went shopping for my first S-car.  I first test-drove a '95 S6
sedan.  I had never experienced anything but my earlier '84 5000s and '91
100 quattro.  Of course, I was impressed with the power and handling.
Price was not bad...$14k.  But it did not really turn me on, it lacked what
I call 'character' that I was wanting.  So I made up my mind to find a '91
200 20v avant; partly because of its rarity but also because it was the
first edition of the newly engineered 200 20v turbo quattro.  I found my
'91 avant, 97k miles, in Seattle and bought it sight unseen in October,
asking price was $11k but acquired it for $9900.  It's pearlescent white
and in very fine condition.  I'm loving it.

gordy s
'91 200 20v tqa, 103k miles now
'91 100 quattro sedan,190k miles


   I am a 5 yr owner of a 1990 coupe quattro.  I am considering purchasing
   either a 95 S6 or a 91 200q 20v.
   Aside from the body and interior gadgetry, are there many major
   between these two cars?  Is it the same engine under the hood?

   I appreciate your time, expertise and advice.  I've checked out the
   site and Chris Millers 200q site and welcome any advice or opinions.

   Thank you for your time,

   Dave Glasser
   90CQ Pearl 115k
   Having fun in the Snow!

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