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Fri Feb 14 10:51:13 EST 2003

In a response to a lister's posting a month or so ago about tire
preferences, I had mentioned that I had just put on Nokian "all weather
plus" tires on each of my two Audis.  My opinion has changed somewhat.
They're OK.  I think they are best in a climate such as New England where
deep snow is frequent but temperatures are moderate for winter.  Here in
Minnesota, a more frequent and ongoing condition is very cold temps and icy
commuter freeways.  If I had it to do over, I would have purchased another
set of Goodyear Eagles.  They seemed to do better on icy streets, including
the black-ice which accumulates on intersections, ramps and bridge decks.
The very cold temps (20 degrees and below) cause the rubber to stiffen up
too much, reducing the tire surface and sidewall's ability to be pliable
and grippy.

my newest opinion
'91 200 20v tq avant
'91 100 quattro sedan

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