Germany help, BN-Pipes (Steve Hackett)

Steve Hackett sbhack at
Fri Feb 14 20:52:13 EST 2003

A lister wrote :

>How much did they quote you for shipping to the USA?
>I am thinking of the rear system for my 200 20v.

Here's the scoop:
front muffler :  OE list $661, BN cost $335
rear muffler/tail pipe : OE list $702, BN cost $565
BN shipping to U.S. via UPS : $238

System cost: OE list $1365, BN cost $1136 shipping included

I have confirmed with an Audi dealer/warehouse that the mufflers are indeed
NOT stainless steel.

So, I get 20% discount at the dealer and the BN system ends up about $145
more with shipping.
I would like just a little better sound than OE (but not too much) and it
sounds as though the BN system fits the bill and is stainless steel in
On the other side of the coin, the value of stainless probably won't be
realized given the life left in the car.
But if the sound is a little better than OE I think I'm going for it
......... if sheet stainless + pop rivets + Permatex don't get me through.

BN said about 4 weeks for fabrication, maybe we could get a group purchase
going ?

Steve H

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