Clutch Kit purchase?

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Sat Feb 15 15:17:10 EST 2003

I recently put in (actually had the shop do the labor as it is too snowy
and cold for this project in my driveway) a new clutch in my 87 5000CS.
 I got a clutch kit from Carolina Clutch, talked to Tom there.  The
price was $240 + shipping.  This was the best price around, and I got
the kit in less than one week.  The parts were stamped "Made in Germany"
but came in a LUK box.  Tom assured me that LUK was just repackaging the
Sachs parts; which seemed believable due to the made in germany stamp.
 It's been working fine for the 3 or so weeks I've been using it.  Next
summer when I plan on replacing the clutch in my 20v, I plan on getting
the kit from Tom again.

I have mail ordered clutches before from Tom at Carolina Clutch, and
have found them to be knowledgable and honest.  If you are looking for a
clutch kit, you might want to talk with Tom...


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