91 200q 20v vs. 95 S6

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Sat Feb 15 23:07:06 EST 2003

I have not even considered looking at the newer/post type 44 wagons,
due to the answer to this question:

How much room is in the cargo area, and can you fit in a 4X8 sheet of
plywood/sheetrock?  I have in my 5000 tqa(must slide over wheelwells,
with rear seat down and hatch partly open(bungee cord), but can be
done. I assume the he 200 20V turbo avant is the same.  This feature
has gotten me around many Home Depot emergency trips.

Perhaps there is this capability in the newer avants A4 or A6.  I have
never measured or tried, but it sure doesn't look like it.  This rules
out a lot of newer more expensive cars, and make the older avant far
more valuable to me.

Of course, once I added the trailer hitch, I didn't need the 4X8
capability as my trailer works better than a pickup, and handles better
too.  I never felt the avant lacked any sportiness or handling, but of
course it is not as agile as the 4000, but on the highway is far more

Now, just need to obtain or make a third rear seat.


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Subject: RE: 91 200q 20v vs. 95 S6
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Well, one major difference would be about $10,000 purchase price.
Engine is the same, except the 91 has a distributor, the S6 is direct
ignition and a few minor differences. 10 HP less for the 200 stock.
Handling, S6 wins IMO.
The 200 is a great highway car, so so city car. S6 is great all round.
Really, you should try to drive each. I have both, and they drive quite
differently. If I could have only one, it would be the S4.

94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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