head count for 200q20v

lance russell awdfast at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 16 09:03:31 EST 2003

hello 20v owners/fanatics

has anyone compiled a list of 200q20v vin # to see how many 20v
are still out there and how many have met the insides of a crusher?  if this has not been done yet i would like to get it started. i  have noticed numerous 20v listed to be parted out on audifans, and if those parting them out would send me the vin no. and body style (4dr or wagon) i will start an informal listing. if you want to include any other info i will use it on the list. the info will be available to those on the 200q20v listing only.
thanks lance

1986 5000cstq
1991 200tq/20v

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