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Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Sun Feb 16 16:14:22 EST 2003

At 9:03 AM -0500 2/16/03, lance russell wrote:

>has anyone compiled a list of 200q20v vin # to see how many 20v
>are still out there and how many have met the insides of a crusher?
>if this has not been done yet i would like to get it started. i
>have noticed numerous 20v listed to be parted out on audifans, and
>if those parting them out would send me the vin no. and body style
>(4dr or wagon) i will start an informal listing. if you want to
>include any other info i will use it on the list. the info will be
>available to those on the 200q20v listing only.

I've been meaning to do this for a while- I think a registry of
sorts(to determine #'s imported, feature percentages, numbers
destroyed etc) would be a great idea; Audi has repeatedly stated "we
don't have any stats per model year", which is a bunch of baloney,
but whatever.

   I imagine that we could figure out quite a bit if we recruit
listers to help out-for example, someone sees a 200q20v in a parking
lot, they jot down the VIN and submit it.  Ebay auctions sometimes
give VIN numbers.  Etc.  Lot of these cars do show up at QCLUB
events.  I bet I can even get a free advert in the qclub national
mag(the UrQ registry gets an ad, dunno if it's free.)

I'd be happy to set up the database and web interface, if you want,
forward me what you've got now and I'll hand-enter it(displaying data
on the web is easy.  Taking data is another matter :-)  I already
have, somewhere, a list of VIN numbers from vehicles affected by bose
speaker problems...I'll see if I can find it(might have been lost in
a HD crash.)  For now we can focus solely on collecting info about
the cars, not the owners(the existing registry on Audifans is great
for showing off your car etc, a pretty different purpose; I don't
think VIN numbers are collected.)

If we're going to collect stats, might as well collect info on:
-paintcolor(we'd need to make a guide of sorts.  Lots of the colors
are obvious, some are not so, and if you're 'spotting', you can't
look in the trunk for the paint code :)
-interior color
-cell?(mine has the "delete cell" option)
-sport or comfort seats?

I believe those are the only options- CD changers were
dealer-installed, practically 'aftermarket', and don't count in my
book, but I guess we can throw that in there too.

Later I can set up stuff to record values and such(from sales),
something that would be at least somewhat handy for those who have to
deal with getting money for a wrecked car etc.

Anyone seen the stuff the PCA does for different models, values over
time and such?  I'd love to be able to do that for 200q20v's, even if
only on a much smaller scale.

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