VIN numbers update- please don't send in info just yet!

Eric S scirocco81 at
Mon Feb 17 09:21:11 EST 2003

--- Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
>On the VIN number program, we've discovered a number of items that
>can/should be recorded but were not mentioned in the email-  so
>please wait just a little bit longer, I'll have a webpage up with
>what info to send in, how/where to find it, etc.
>I do need help in two areas:
>1)Am I correct that the only interiors were black, blue/purple, tan, grey?

Don't forget Pearl White.  That was one of the few options available, and t=
he one I am hopefully purchasing is Pearl.

>2)Does anyone have a complete paintcode listing?

Someone with the Audi Brouchure should hopefully have that information.  Ot=
herwise, it is something that could be easily gathered during this process.=
  (considering there are so few paint color choices).

Northglenn, CO

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