Help! Tie rods....

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Mon Feb 17 15:29:08 EST 2003

Reuse the old nuts, and first thread them onto the free ball stud to be sure
that you haven't buggered up the threads.  If sucessuful with this, clean
both the stud and stearing arm socket free of oil and grease before
installing the stud in its socket.  Then drive it in with a lead hammer or
clamp it in with your gear puller to build up sufficient friction to allow
the nut to be installed.  Pretty much a common sense job, IMO.


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> Subject: Help! Tie rods....
> I need some help. This weekend I swapped out my springs on the front end. I
> entirely removed the struts and everything went relatively well. Today I
> started reassembling everything, but ran into a problem. When I attach the
> tie rods to the strut and try to tighten it, the ball joint just turns, so I
> can't tighten it at all. I am using new nuts. Nothing about this is
> mentioned in the Bentley, nor sjmautotechnik, Chris Millers, or ur-s4. When
> I removed the tie rod ends, I used a puller and had to put a fair amount of
> pressure on it to get it out of the strut, but it sure didn't seem like I
> broke anything.  Help, any ideas?
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