The new S4 bitch session

Peter Petersen pwpetersen at
Tue Feb 18 10:30:27 EST 2003

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After reading the first article on the new S4, I've got to wonder what
is up at the factory.  Why in the world did they put the 4.2 NA engine
in the S4?  Who wants an all wheel drive Mustang?   Is the factory
hiding a problem with the 2.7T high output version?  It would seem to be
the obvious choice.  Instead, get out the shoe horn and cram and engine
into too small of a space and make it a nightmare to work on...  And,
low load fuel economy is going to suck,  is it time for a WRX or
Mitsubishi?  Or hold out for an all wheel drive M3?

(as youv'e probably guessed, I'm trying to decide what to get next..)

Bithcy in Woodland Park, CO


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