The new S4 bitch session

Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at
Wed Feb 19 11:26:00 EST 2003

Bobby Richter writes:
>An S-Car without a turbo is just another boring high output sports
>sedan. You may as well by a Merc or BMW.

The new AMG Mercedes all have compressors installed, IIRC. So, if you want a turbo, get the RS6, or if you can, the S3.

I was disappointed to find out about the new choice of engine in the S4. The only A4 turbo you can get, apart from Diesel, is the 1.8T. And you need to make BIG changes to do get over 300HP. If you go A6 you can still get 2.7T, which is IMHO, a preferred way to go.

My 0.02 EUR.


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