Group Clutch buy

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed Feb 19 17:29:21 EST 2003

Well I'm glad someone else has taken up the challenge.
I estimated less than 10 takers and have pricing of
$285 for the Sachs "OEM" kit.
Clutch disc, Pressure Plate and throwout bearing.
Shipping would be actual UPS from the East coast.
As a "business" the vendor would have much better rates than
if I trucked them off to UPS. (you'd also be supporting a vendor who
supports you)
If we get a landslide response I can check for further discount.
I would want Paypal from a bank account, cleared personal check, or M.O.
before I placed order. (no backsies once I place order)
I would like this thing wrapped up ASAP.  I would also be inclined to go
elsewhere if pricing was substantially less but I do not want to drag this
out and will not keep bouncing offers to the vendor.

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