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I have not followed every post on this since I have already replaced my
clutch, so forgive me if you have already covered this.

Would it not be prudent to replace the pilot bearing, rear main engine seal
and transmission main shaft seal while your in there?  Of course the
flywheel bolts should be replaced if the flywheel is removed.
Did not see any mention of this on the parts list below.

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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Well I'm glad someone else has taken up the challenge.
I estimated less than 10 takers and have pricing of
$285 for the Sachs "OEM" kit.
Clutch disc, Pressure Plate and throwout bearing.
Shipping would be actual UPS from the East coast.
As a "business" the vendor would have much better rates than
if I trucked them off to UPS. (you'd also be supporting a vendor who
supports you)
If we get a landslide response I can check for further discount.
I would want Paypal from a bank account, cleared personal check, or M.O.
before I placed order. (no backsies once I place order)
I would like this thing wrapped up ASAP.  I would also be inclined to go
elsewhere if pricing was substantially less but I do not want to drag this
out and will not keep bouncing offers to the vendor.

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