The new S4 bitch session

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Wed Feb 19 16:40:48 EST 2003


I believe one of the reasons that they are abandoning the 2.7T engine is due
to the high cost of warranty on this engine.  You have to remove the engine
to change a turbo.  This labor plus a turbo or two would be a substantial
cost.  This was one of the reasons that I now drive an A8 instead of an S4
or an A6-2.7T.

Don't get me wrong I like my 200Q-20V turbo but it was a much stronger
engine and can be modified much easier than the 2.7T.  Turbo failure is a
much more common occurrence on the 2.7T than it is on a 200Q-20V.  The 4.2
V8 engine is an easy engine to work on due to much less plumbing associated
with the turbo and this would be especially true with a twin turbo.  I also
have to admit that my A8 gets better mileage than my 200Q-20V.

I don't think that the 4.2 S4 will be anything like a Mustang with 4 wheel
drive anymore than I would compare the 200Q-20V to the old 2.3 Turbo
Thunderbird with 4 wheel drive.  The Audi is going to be in a different
class in handling and luxury not to mention quality.  This goes for the WRX
also since it is a great car in it's category but definitely not in the same
class as an S4 or any other Audi for that matter.

Jeff Bernstein
Canton, Ohio

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