Gamma Radio/Cassette player

Dan Forbing danf at
Wed Feb 19 17:25:54 EST 2003

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My original and Audi replacement (rebuilt) radio both cease to supply output
to the speakers if the temperature gets much above 80 and 68 degrees F
respectively. ( I was better off with the original ) . The LED display
remains lit, but I get no sound.
Both rear speakers have been rebuilt by Bose after they began popping and
work fine until the temp gets above 68. I've tried unplugging the speaker
leads at the back of the radio, first front then rear to see if they're
shorted or something, but the radio does the same thing, regardless. After
it quits, I can get it to come back on by directing air conditioning from
the vent above directly into the blocked open cassette door with a stiff
piece of paper. This impresses the hehe out of my wife, especially in
winter! Anyone BTDT? I'd like to share your pain.

Dan Forbing

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