Clutch Kit purchase - Getting pricing..

Chaplen, John John.Chaplen at
Thu Feb 20 12:14:26 EST 2003

If someone else wants to setup a grp buy, please let me know.
And I can forward all the people who want to buy them. I'm just passing on
the direct price that I got.

As with most things, people will "always beat" a price if you tel them you
have got "x" at "x" place.

Personally $14 bucks is not that big of a deal to me.

But please let me know and with people who have sent me "responses" I can
forward them to whom ever wishes to take on this task. I don't want to waste
my time or yours(Or money for that matter).

JP Chaplen

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I know I have - thepartsconnection was around $270 disk, pp, tob - at
least to my recall - 200 20vt setup for 5ktq conversion.


> Ok, here goes only have 16 (Well 17, but ones mine)units available but
> is the info> All these are Sach Parts and AUDI List prices(Another
Useless Deutsch> Invention)
> Clutch 035141003H List $369
> Release Bearing 01E141165B List $55
> Pressure Plate 035141118 List $236
> Total cost to you guys is $299 for the kit. Shipping NOT included.
I'm not> making anything on these so $5 to cover boxes and packing
would be> appreciated but not required


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