Clutch Kit purchase - Getting pricing

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Feb 20 18:40:37 EST 2003

>I may be mistaken. Sorry don't want to be misleading.  I know the
>20V200tq setup was more than the 5000tq setup.  If I can find the
>record, I'll verify, but am pretty sure it was less, but that is just a

If its one thing I've learned with Audi's, higher power means  expensive,
"rare" means more expensive, "rare" & turbo means crazy expensive, and
"rare" and turbo and multivalve means have your pay check forwarded to the
parts dealer and ask for an allowance!
81 UrQ, 91 200TQA,
Gone but still expensive, 91 CQ, 95 S6 Avant

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