This happen to anyone else?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Feb 20 12:34:06 EST 2003

This guy's giving the rest of us GPer's a bad name!  I think some strong
coercion with this guy is in order at this point.  I only wish I had more
strings to pull wrt to the Sicilian side of my family!  BS on top of BS, on
top of non-responsiveness is inexcusable, especially within a group that has
strong tendencies towards the opposite.

I guess I can say I'm glad we got the gear gp hatched and finalized before
this charlatan showed up; might have made it a bit more difficult to work on
that scale with this guys image burned in listers heads.

Postupak, if you're out there, there is no longer ANY EXCUSE for this
continued silence and sullying of the waters on your part!  Get with the
program and step up to the plate...stat!

Derek P

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Subject: RE: [20v] This happen to anyone else?
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 15:05:04 -0500

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There was some additional follow-up on that later, maybe in mid-January.  A=
fter several emails appeared on the list in late December and early January=
, there was a post from Bob Postupak saying that his computer had crashed a=
nd that he had lost all the info he had on who paid for what.  Additionally=
, he said that he was on a three week vacation so he did not have the oppor=
tunity to post.  He was really cranky that everyone had been bashing him.  =
He offered to return money or send parts to anyone that contacted him.  Sev=
eral listers responded that they were sorry to hear about the problem with =
the PC, but they felt that he was still negligent for letting it sit for so=
long without at least posting to the list.  A few asked for their cash bac=

I recall seeing a few posts that people were have trouble contacting him ag=
ain, so I'm not sure if anything got resolved.

Good luck.


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