More Clutch Info - Group Purchase

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Thu Feb 20 21:20:42 EST 2003

I had a chance to speak today with Tom at Carolina Clutch (needed a
slave cyl for my truck), but took the oportunity to ask him more about
the 10v clutch I got from him a while back.  Tom seems very knowldgable
about clutches, and he was the only place I could get the clutch I
wanted for my truck (older Ford with a transplanted 5sp).  Anyhow here
are his comments about some of the questions that came up recently on
this clutch thread:

1. LUK does not sell reman clutchs for cars, only in their agricultural
line. (That was a relief to me as it means my 10v kit was new.)

2. LUK repackages Sachs clutches for the Audi years where Sachs was the
original oem.

3. In later years LUK was the oem for Audi clutches, so Sacks is giving
you a LUK clutch.

Don't know if the group buy kits are already in hand, but if not, Tom at
Carloina Clutch could probably get you a better deal than the numbers
I've seen coming by so far.  I'd give him a call and see. I'm sure he'd
be willing to do a deal for a quantity buy.

[BTW - I have no stake in this, I don't need a 20v clutch, and have
already (hopefully) got all my clutch parts from Tom that I will be
needing for some time. I have just been amazed by the service that I got
there and wanted to pass it on.]

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