2.3 NF /MC-1 and other combinations..

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Fri Feb 21 17:23:03 EST 2003

I know I interjected a few seemingly hypothetical questions, in the
recent discussions on head, block and other combinations, but I do have
a real situation and decisions to make based partly on my available
resources: time, a collage of parts, but not much $$.

My goal is to transplant my rebuilt MC-1 engine and many new parts and
goodies into a recipient '88 pearl wagon that I should be getting, if
all goes well.

I don't necessarily want to take the head off of what was a good
runner, but the MC-1 engine will be out, and I'll have the time to make
improvements if they are justifiable.  I have the nice '91 200 20V
avant to drive for now, but economics and the desire to continue what I
started prevail.  So my hope is to build/rebuild an identical, somewhat
improved pearl quattro avant.

A couple of options for the engine improvements:
1)Install 40 mm Exhaust valves in already ported MC-1 head.  Will this
require new seats, or can I enlarge the existing seats to accomodate
the larger valves?  How much are the valves?  Machine shop costs to
reseat for 40mm exhaust valves into the head if needed?  Is this
something that can be done with a drill press and new seats, or does it
require any special equipment?  I'd like to do it myself if possible.

2) Acquire NF head and port/polish that one.  I take these are not hard
to come by - Is this basically the same as the MC-1 head only larger
valves?  Although this may require some extra work and time, it may be
more economical than installing the larger valves in the MC-1 head,
which I suppose I can sell with original cam, etc or ???

3) NG head - I have pretty much ruled this out, since it is already
installed on a nicely worked motor; too much re-plumbing, etc..I just
need a good weekend(without any accidents or snowstorms) to install
that motor into Project GTQ - '85 4kq.

4) leave the intact motor together and concentrate on improvements
outside the head/engine which already was running well.

5) other?  I am trying to keep costs down.  This can be very low budget
for me, since I have the reworked motor, and the car will be cheap.  I
already paid a lot for the parts when I rebuilt the first time, and the
motor only has 10k on it - just broken in.

Here again is what I had done to the engine prior to the accident,
which helps explain why I want to do something with it, rather than get
2 pennies for it:
'87 5000 CS turbo quattro avant - Engine rebuilt incl. following -
	T03/K26 hybrid turbo.
	Elgin 260i254e cam
	adjustable cam sprocket
	new valve seals, lifters & techtonics springs
	new piston rings, connecting rod and main bearings,
	all new seals.
	2-Piece Exhaust manifold, highflow cat and 2.5" Stebro exhaust.
	All visible casting flash removed from components.
	Mild port and polish to head and manifolds with ports matched.
	Bypass valve located in intercooler
		where untapped hole was with bypass
		flow directed toward turbo
	**Supplimentary fuel injector installed in intercooler
	controlled by 034EFI
 		- injector is inline just prior to throttle body hose.
	200 Flywheel, Clutch and Pressure plate, slave cyl.
	QLCC chip with variable resistor modded ECU,
	Schrapnel Knob + 2 bar SJM spring for control
	– was running comfortably at 16 PSI.

My educated guess is the setup was good for just shy of 250 HP before
enabling the EFI controlled injector and I can crank the boost until it
detontes.  I never had a chance to enable the injector, as the car was
totalled just prior to finishing.   I expected after the injector gets
turned on 275 or more???   I don't know, and maybe that is a flight of
fancy, but it was already no doubt fast.

This may be the time to obtain a nice custom intercooler, as the
modified stock one is damaged.  Perhaps I can rework the fuel injection
entirely to EFI, but I don't want to spend much money.  The reasons,
I'd consider reworking it this time is 1) I have 035EFI controller 2)
the CIS Air box is damaged.

I hope this isn't throwing the other portion of the discussions off, as
I know Alan and others need solution that meet their engine objectives
as well.  Hope throwing my grist into the mill helps rather than hinder
and keeps us all appraised of what the others are doing.  That's what
it's all about, right?

Cheers and good weekend to all.


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