2.3 NF /MC-1 and other combinations..

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Sat Feb 22 00:32:51 EST 2003

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Oh boy, long one buddy  =)

> <<A couple of options for the engine improvements:
> 1)Install 40 mm Exhaust valves in already ported MC-1 head.  Will this
> require new seats, or can I enlarge the existing seats to accomodate
> the larger valves?  How much are the valves?  Machine shop costs to
> reseat for 40mm exhaust valves into the head if needed?  Is this
> something that can be done with a drill press and new seats, or does it
> require any special equipment?  I'd like to do it myself if possible.>>

No, you can't do it yourself on a drill press, yes, you'll need new seats,
valves are about $10 each, seats instlaled are about $15 each.

> <<2) Acquire NF head and port/polish that one.  I take these are not hard
> to come by - Is this basically the same as the MC-1 head only larger
> valves?  Although this may require some extra work and time, it may be
> more economical than installing the larger valves in the MC-1 head,
> which I suppose I can sell with original cam, etc or ???>>

Not too rare but more so that normal heads, yes, it may work out better but
its likely you'll want to rebuild an NF head too, so it may balance out.

> <<4) leave the intact motor together and concentrate on improvements
> outside the head/engine which already was running well.>>

Ahem...EFI, header, bigger turbo (than you have now) will get you past 300hp
easy mit existing motor.

> <<5) other?  I am trying to keep costs down.  This can be very low budget
> for me, since I have the reworked motor, and the car will be cheap.  I
> already paid a lot for the parts when I rebuilt the first time, and the
> motor only has 10k on it - just broken in.>>

I say just get the perfectly rebuild motor you have together in another car
and work on managing it, doesn't make sense to break up a perfectly good
working motor for the sake of economics, does it?


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