The new S4 bitch session

Jeff.Bernstein at Jeff.Bernstein at
Mon Feb 24 08:31:22 EST 2003


The A8 with stock suspension handles much better than my 200Q20V does with
the Bilistins and H&R springs.  The torsional stiffness and the improved
suspension geometry would account for this.  I have since added the H&R
suspension to my A8 and it is really fantastic.  The cornering is incredible
especially considering this is a large sedan.

The A8 engine is a sweet engine but so is the 200Q20V.  I really can't
comment on how it would feel with 25% less power.  This might take a lot of
the fun out of it.  I would suggest that you go to the dealer to test drive
the A8 to see if it is too underpowered at your altitude.  I didn't intend
on buying an A8 for another year or two but after a test drive I bought the

I didn't like the Tiptronic transmission when I first got the car since the
shifts were slow and you couldn't hold first gear unless you floored the
car.  I found out a few months ago that you can reprogram the transmission
with a different code and it is awesome to drive now.  I can hold first gear
as long as I like, or at least till red line, and it shifts in Tip mode
quickly now.

I have been very pleased with the car so far and would highly recommend it
as a good replacement for the 200Q20V.


Hi Jeff,

Actually this is an altitude issue.  I live at 8800 ft and the typical
NA engine will be down about 25% on power.  But I love the quattro
system as well.  So, the A8's are such a good value these days, would
you still be satisfied with your car if it had 25% less power?.  Please
let me know your likes and dislikes as the A8 may be the best bang for
the buck right now.

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