Left Front Clunk

joe smith mtnbikguy2002 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 24 08:27:13 EST 2003

The same thing happened to my 200 20v at about 96K
miles (4-5 months ago). The clunk became progressivly
worse over a short period. It ended up being a bad
tierod end. If I remeber right, it was about $130.00
parts and labor.


--- Bryan Foster <bfoster at bu.edu> wrote:
> Listers,
> Recently my 200 20V has developed a clunking noise
> coming from the
> driver's
> front suspension when riding over potholes/bumps.
> At first I noticed that
> the clunk was only occurring when I was turning
> right and going over a
> bump.  Now it is happening over large bumps when
> going straight and
> smaller bumps when turning right.  Only significant
> history is that I
> replaced the shocks all around with Boge 1000 miles
> ago.  However, I used
> the special tools to drop the front struts in
> through the towers (didnt
> touch the strut assembly).
> Do these symptoms point to anything particular that
> may need replacing in
> your experience?
> As always, TIA,
> Bryan Foster
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