Fan and coolant overheat

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Mon Feb 24 13:15:53 EST 2003

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I think you've found the problem:  The fusable link to the fan.
If I read your post correctly, It sounds like the link failed and your fan
got no power so the car overheated while idling.  Smoke from there under
current means a fracture break and high resistance, or arcing.
The drive home kept things cool by the "ram" air passing through radiator.
HTH -Scott in BOSTON  anyone savy to the link have other ideas?

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> use jumper cables... it cranks right up! I let it stop and do it a
> couple of more times to be sure it is working normally. So, I reconnect
> the ground and try again... the fusible link smokes! I try again, more
> smoke.. OK, something strange. I put a meter lead on the link, but it

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