enigine missing under load

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Mon Feb 24 13:20:52 EST 2003

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Plug wires arcing/grounding under load?
Just a thought.  My 10V did this in 5th then 4th etc...., My truck is doing
it in OD but not yet in "Drive"- just lazy in changing them.  Moisture and
weather do make this more noticable.
-Scott in BOSTON

In a message dated 2/24/03 12:16:05 PM Eastern Standard Time,
200q20v-request at audifans.com writes:
This was very
consistent in 5th gear. Then it started doing it in 4th gear - it seemed
throttle postion related. WOT or near there would miss, but easing the
> thanks,
> mike miller
> helmville mt

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