enigine missing under load

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Mon Feb 24 12:50:13 EST 2003

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> Mike:
> Plug wires arcing/grounding under load?
> Just a thought.  My 10V did this in 5th then 4th etc...., My truck is
> it in OD but not yet in "Drive"- just lazy in changing them.  Moisture and
> weather do make this more noticable.
> -Scott in BOSTON

Very well could be - they are original. I've been thinking about maybe a GP
on wires but have been too busy to do anything with it.

Hard to tell from the way it felt if it was ignition or fuel related. But it
does seem load related. Seemed strange I could just about redline 1st->3rd
with WOT then even 1/4 throttle in 4th/5th would cause the miss. As it just
now noon and getting above 0, I haven't been real eager to go out and lay in
the snow to check for various things that have been suggested. Mich. Man
hose is less than a yr old. Could be turbo -> IC hose. When the Mich Man
hose went, I could hear boost leaking-  does the IC hose do that also?

thanks to all that respoded with suggestions,

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