MORE enigine missing under load

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Mon Feb 24 15:52:12 EST 2003

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In my experiences there is less of a load in 1 -3 gears, so that's why my car
never bucked or hesitated until 4-5 or top gear.  Same with "dipping" into
boost in higer gears.  More stress to accelerate the vehicle.
Feather the gas pedal to see if you can go further (in MPH) without repeating
the symptoms.
Then compare to stomping on the gas an building boost during top gear
My 4000Q also arced to the hood on one lead and showed up beatifully when I
went to the car wash.  Electrical taped lead and (temp) problem solved.  Path
of least resistance shows up under load.  Hairline crack in lead becomes path
for spark under stress instead of to spark plug to jump the plug's gap.
Sounds like the wires IMHO.
-Scott in BOSTON

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> Seemed strange I could just about redline 1st->3rd

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