Trailer Hitch?

Hays Zeigler hzeigler at
Tue Feb 25 21:49:57 EST 2003

Hope this doesn't sound like heresy, but I was wondering if anyone out there
had found and installed a decent Class I or Class II receiver hitch to a
200TQ.  I know the owner's manual recommends against it, though I'm not
quite sure why.  I know they are available (for a price).  I don't plan on
towing anything beyond a 100# tongue load & 1000 #'s gross.  Say small boat,
utility trailer or bike to a track day.

One I looked at said: "some cutting required on rear bumper cover", but
supposedly "invisible".

Any experience, comments, or specific brand and source recommendations?


Hays Zeigler
'91 200TQ
'01 TL1000R

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