transmission vent?

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Tue Feb 25 19:01:01 EST 2003

That is a GOOD reason to change a seal, but an unusual failure mode less
than 300K+.  Of course, he gave the failed seal to you to inspect and


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> At 03:47 PM 02/25/2003 -0800, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> Dave,
>> Why are you replacing tranny shaft seals, unless you are tearing it down
>> totally anyway?  Just add a1/2 can of engine stop leak to the tranny and the
>> other half to the rear end and drive it for 1K miles.  DFI if IAB!
>> Bernie
> The guy who replaced my tranny shaft seal when ALL the tranny fluid ran out
> of the car while I was in Utah last month said the flexible seal part of
> the seal had totally separated from the metal part of the seal.  He said
> he'd never seen that kind of failure and had no explanation for it.
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