FW: Trailer Hitch?

Beer, Jerald jbeer at BooseCasey.com
Wed Feb 26 15:58:33 EST 2003

  I got  a DaLan hitch from Pep Boys, under $200 some years back. IIRC it
was listed for an 87-88 5000 wagon. Other than cutting off the tow hook, I
had to remove the rear muffler for clearance. Went to local muffler shop and
had them make me some straight pipe, using old muffler and pipes as a
template. Has a slightly throaty sound which I love. I then had the trailer
hitch receiver hole drilled out to accept a Class III tow ball so I could
get the right height for towing. Tows 2000 # easily and it has pulled as
much as its own weight not quite as happily. HTH. Email if you have specific
questions. Regards,
91 200qa(all hitched up and ready to go)

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