Distributor replacement - no spark.

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Feb 26 13:43:53 EST 2003

Apparently you drove the car home from the shop that replaced the dist?  If
you can rotate the dist cap, as you said, the dist is loose and has lost any
initial timing adjustment.  The shop's adjustment may have been OK, within
the window of dist adjustment at the shop, but if it was not clamped down,
may well have shifted,which would defeat any subsiquent start attempts.
Find a new shop, or DIY.  If the latter, I can help further.


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> Oh, worthy ones:
> Subject is a 200 20V Sedan w/~140K.
> P.O. had car "die" on him at stop light.
> Listers suggested the gear in the distributor had broken.
> Correct-O.
> Only guess that timing belt is loose and did not jump a tooth but that's
> unknown:
> New updated Distributor w/metal gear installed by shop.
> Shop is saying there is no spark when starting the engine.
> They also say it turns over fine.  A point I verified by socket and hand
> wrench by turning the crank bolt and marking the timing belt watching it go
> completely around more than once and "feeling" at least five compression
> strokes.
> Car battery was dead so I didn't use starter or pull codes (Have Vag-Com)
> I searched SJM site and sent extensive documentation and marked the
> distributor "alignment" marks in black perm marker to the shop.
> Besides the shop telling me (they followed the instructions on installation),
> but maybe not followed the instructions exactly with regards to cam pulley/
> Distrib AND flyweel alignment marks done correctly, what else would cause no
> spark?
> Four reasons I think may cause it:
> 1. Misalignment of the three timing marks - reason above.
> 2.  Key switch to ECU bad (as per SJM)
> 3.  Coil bad.
> 4. Alarm imobilizer killing start (relay #38 or so, then jumper connections)
> as per SJM.
> Any that I missed? Distrib bad?
> I did check the distributor cap and could turn it clock and counter-clock
> wise while in place after their installation.  Bad I'd say.
> TIA -Scott in BOSTON
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