re. Trailer Hitch?

ben swann benswann at
Wed Feb 26 16:59:38 EST 2003

Check out for Dalan hitch/receiver.

I have one installed on my '87 5000 tq avant and it is great.  It did
require that I cut off the tow ring on the frame, but that is
irrelevant after the receiver becomes a superior tow attachment point.
You'll have no problem towing a small boat or trailer even though it is
a Class I hitch receiver.

I have seen the same hitch on 5000/100 sedans too.  I think the 200 20v
tq version is a little different due to dual exhaust setup, but have
not checked into exactly what the differences are.  I have compared the
cars, and it won't be obvious to me until I actually do a fit check,
should I decide to attempt to install it on the '91 200 20V tqa
replacement for the totalled '87 5ktqa.

Installation is not trivial, but is not too difficult either.  You'll
need a good drill and sawsall/cutoff torch.  There was a slight
clearance issue with the Stebro exhaust I found when I installed the
Stebro, but I worked that out.  There was no fitment problem with stock
exhaust, but you do need to measure carefully to get things exactly
centered.  There was no cutting require on the bumper cover.

I had done a lot of towing with the '87 tq avant before someone made a
left-hand turn in front of me, totalling the car.  It towed
wonderfully, and was always very stable even at high speed.

The cost was under $300 and it paid for itself many times over.


[Hope this doesn't sound like heresy, but I was wondering if anyone out
there had found and installed a decent Class I or Class II receiver
hitch to a 200TQ.  I know the owner's manual recommends against it,
though I'm not quite sure why.  I know they are available (for a
price).  I don't plan on towing anything beyond a 100# tongue load &
1000 #'s gross.  Say small boat, utility trailer or bike to a track day.

One I looked at said: "some cutting required on rear bumper cover", but
supposedly "invisible".

Any experience, comments, or specific brand and source recommendations?


Hays Zeigler
'91 200TQ
'01 TL1000R]

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