re. Trailer Hitch

Mark Suttner MSuttner at
Thu Feb 27 13:13:29 EST 2003

I have what appears to be a Dalan hitch installed on a chipped 89 200 Avant.
Pulls like nothing is there.  :)

This hitch was originally installed on another listers 200 20v maybe there
is no difference?

Found a neat kit from U-Haul for the light hookup.  It isolates the trailer
lights from the car lights taking power directly from the battery, has
indicator LEDs for test/install/debug and double plug (U-Haul / Standard)
although I don't expect to ever need the U-Haul plug.  Using the Audi wiring
diagram book it was a snap to install and worked the first time.  Don't
remember the cost but it was worth it to me because of the ease to install.



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