Solution - enigine missing under load

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Thu Feb 27 14:39:12 EST 2003

Thanks to all for their replies.

The problem turned out to be a _very_ loose spark plug on #2. I could
actually see the plug wire end moving and could feel the compression leak
very strongly in #2 and just a tad in number #5. #2 took about 4 turns to
tighten and number 5 maybe 1/8th turn. I decied to check all plugs of
course. And managed to break off two brittle ends ( 12+ yrs old) on #1 and
#5 spark plug wires. Just in case anyone isn't aware of it, the lug wrench
in the tool kit also doubles as a spark plug wrench and works quite well.

So I got a new set of wires. Vey happy with the new wire set. Same brand
name ends as original and all wires were a few inches longer than original.
Made by Karlyn Ind. Inc. Slogan " The Art of German Engineering - Made in
the USA";  Part Number 034 998 031 A. List price was $209.03 - my cost was
$164.00.  Being in MT there is no sales tax. The ends sell separately for
$69.95 ea.  Here's a link to the Karlyn website:

If there is interest in a Group Purchase, I can ask my parts guy if he is
willing and what price he would give. I can't imagine shipping being more
than about $5.  It will be a month before I will be home again to ship

The 200q could not make it up my driveway this trip home. Driveway climbs
300+ feet in 3000 ft of length. The was about an inch of ice, followed by
3-4 inches of snow with lots of ice crystals and then about 5-6 inches of
new snow. I was pushing about 3 inches of snow and even with studded tires
it was too much. The tires just dug down to the ice layer and spun. I did
notice that I had no brakes when the tires were spinning. Pedal rock hard.
Even with the diff locked and ABS off. It was a fun walk at 5 deg :-) to get
the ATV. Coulda chained up but didn't.

mike miller
helmville mt.

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