Samco GP hoses are here

Patrick Anderson ptanders at
Fri Feb 28 20:00:36 EST 2003

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I just thought I would post this update on the Samco Hose GP that I put tog=
ether to the whole list to restore a little faith in the list after this Bo=
b Postupak thing.

To all of you who were in on the GP...your hoses are here, ahead of schedul=
e=2E I just got my hands on them, though I haven't even had time to open th=
e boxes. I will try to dig through them tomorrow and see about getting some=
 boxes (don't just have boxes laying around =3D)  ) and calculating the shi=
pping to each person. Please bear with me as I try to get this done ASAP wh=
ile juggling some other projects. I will send an email to each person indiv=
idually regarding the shipping and we will work from there.

P=2ES.     Going around Portland International last weekend was a blast. Th=
ough there was only one other 200 20v I think


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