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Thu Jan 2 08:33:53 EST 2003

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From: "Phil Rose" <pjrose at>

> I believe the dealer list price for stock (DOT) headlights are
> somewhere in the vicinity of $700-800 per set. So yes, if you could
> get reimbursed for one DOT headlight it would go a long way towards
> financing a complete set of discount-priced euros.
> Phil
> P.S. Good, used DOT headlights have been going for $100 (or higher)/each.

Last I heard, DOT lights were $229 ea. I bought a pair of them off a lister
a while back for $100. I put the clear coating on this set and have had no
problems. MT likes to use pea gravel to "sand" the roads with.

mike miller
helmville mt

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